Cruise Norway and NME join forces for Seatrade 2019.

NME CEO Erlend Prytz, NME board member Siri Sanna from Jotun and Cruise Norway managing director Inge Tangerås at Seatade last week.

Cruise Norway and Norwegian Maritime Exporters are joining forces for Seatrade 2019 in order to facilitate the best possible show for the cruise destinations and the Norwegian equipment manufactures.

We are thrilled says managing director Inge Tangerås in Cruise Norway. By joining forces, we are able to present Norway in an excellent way and we’ll get a much bigger presence for Cruise Norway and the equipment industry. We certainly hope we’ll get other parties with us as well. Visit Norway, food and beverage suppliers are natural partners at this show. Finally; we hope that innovation Norway joins us and support this big endeavor for the whole of Norway.

We have secured excellent space in the new venue in Miami says CEO Erlend Prytz in Norwegian Exporters. We’ll present the project for a large part of industry at a meeting with Norwegian Rooms and CGE Blue Maritime in Ålesund March 21st. Invitation will be sent out right after Easter with very short dead-line as we need to confirm the reserved space early April. The show is almost sold out concludes Prytz.