Norway — A Centre of Maritime Excellence

Since 1995, Norwegian Maritime Exporters (NME) has served as a vital link between Norwegian maritime companies and the global markets. Operating in an industry characterized by fierce competition and the emergence of dynamic new markets, Norwegian Maritime Exporters and our partners are busier than ever.

With the world’s second longest coastline, Norway has a heritage and natural affinity with all things maritime, dating back beyond the Vikings.

Meet our team

Norwegian Maritime Exporters (NME) was established by the industry it serves.
NME is owned by its members and works globally to support local exellence.

Erlend Prytz

Mobile: +47 901 90 440

Bjørg Ekornrud

Marketing and Project Manager
Mobile: +47 930 33 424

Nini C. Paulsen

Project manager
Mobile: +47 481 061 60

The Board



Hilde Risan
Kongsberg Maritime AS
Mobile: +47 958 85 185


Deputy Chair

Roger Kristensen
Restech AS
Mobile: +47 915 72 553


Board Member

Arne Søllesvik
Stahl Tranberg AS
Mobile: +47 480 83 076


Board Member

Siri Moldestad Sanna
Jotun AS
Mobile: + 47 901 32 780

Board Member

Øyvind Sundgot
Mobile: +47 41 77 77 55

Deputy Board Member

Tore Andersen
Optimarin AS
Mobile: +47 911 35 860

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